Who we are

Saffron Direct brings you the finest quality of Ruby Saffron from Spain and Krokos Kozani Greek Red Saffron from Greece, Ndali Vanilla Pods from Uganda and Premium Quality Venus Pure Kenyan Teas.

To guarantee the finest Ruby Spanish Saffron, we only source exceptional Saffron Selected by our suppliers/producers, which has been tested to satisfy the most demanding palate. The Spanish Saffron fields are located in different towns in the province of Albacete, Spain, where the best Saffron has been traditionally been produced. These strands are flexible and resistant with bright red stigmas .Due to the toasting process it has a special aroma which is deep and intense.

The Saffron is tested to the ISO 3632 – 2 Standards. Saffron is considered to be pure when it complies with the requirements of the standard ISO 3632 and when no external matter has been added to the natural product.

The standards are useful for analysing the strength of the spice’s flavour, aroma and colour as without these, the fake saffron has no culinary value. In addition, they help laboratories to detect if the saffron is pure or not, that is to say if foreign matters are detected in the product.

  • About 250,000 flowers are needed for 1 kg of saffron
  • About 5,000kg of crocus bulbs are needed per hectare
  • 1 stigma of saffron weights about 2 mg and each flower has 3 stigmata