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Fairtrade Ndali Finest 12’s Vanilla Pods


Twelve long organic vanilla pods matured with hints of spice and caramel, the world’s only Fairtrade vanilla, grown in the Ndali volcanic field in western Uganda produces some of the very best vanilla in the world.

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Ndali Vanilla ‘sweeter’ and more concentrated than ordinary premium beans with hints of spice and caramel, their distinct fermented scent bursts into an intense full bodied vanilla aroma when used in cooking.

Ndali Estate is a 1,000 acre mixed tropical farm located in the foothills of the Mountains of the Moon, Western Uganda. The estate specialises in premium bourbon-style vanilla beans for the gourmet market. Because it’s grown at high altitude and the pods are slower to mature, Ndali vanilla is naturally higher than most in vanillin – the compound that gives vanilla its distinctive taste and aroma. Fairtrade certified.