Saffron, Speciality Teas and Vanilla

Ruby Finest Spanish Saffron

Ruby Brand Spanish Saffron is a genuine saffron that is carefully grown and collected so you can appreciate its quality and delicacy. Its production conforms to the International standard for Saffron production (ISO 3632 – 2 Cat I). Genuine Saffron is a coveted spice with a unique flavour, which makes it one of the most luxurious in the world. Ruby Brand Spanish Saffron is a gourmet and 100% natural product called “red gold”, that adds gastronomic pleasure from the most traditional to the most avant-garde dishes.”

Venus Pure Kenya Teas

Venus Pure Kenyan tea, has bright copper colour and “brisk” flavour, the perky liveliness, a balance of astringency and tannin that’s hard to describe but is instantly recognisable in a really refreshing cup of tea. Kenya’s equatorial location makes year-round production possible, guaranteeing a perpetually fresh product.

The bushes thrive on the high-altitude plantations, growing slowly, which makes for a better quality leaf, and there are few native bugs, so there is no need for pesticides. Picking itself is an art, done mostly by hand as machines take too much of the older, lower quality leaves. Up in the fields near Kericho, on the western side of the Rift Valley, a picker, would pluck the top two leaves and a bud from the stems of the Camellia sinensis bushes, the plant from which all tea, black and green, is produced.

Ndali Vanilla Pods

‘Ndali Vanilla… is some of the best I have ever come across. The scent is rich and intense, and the flavour deep, long lasting and absolutely true.’ Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall

Ndali is unique in that it is the only company that both focuses solely on vanilla and is fully integrated: growing, curing, and packaging their own product.  Ndali is a Fairtrade company, but its founder goes beyond that, living, eating and breathing vanilla with his fellow farmers in Uganda. While many brands are now using pictures of farmers in their marketing it is few that genuinely have a close relationship with them.

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Vanilla Pods: Ndali, Organic Fairtrade Vanilla – Saffron Direct

Krokos Kozani Organic Greek Red Saffron

Saffron, the GOLD OF GREEK EARTH as it is called, was among the most popular and valuable spices of ancient civilizations, for its flavour, colour, pharmaceutical and aphrodisiac properties.
The word Krokos (Saffron) in its original or in derivative forms when referring to the plant, the bloom, the essence or the herb/drug,is well known since the earliest texts of the world.

Pukka Pure Herbal Tea

Families of teas that show our dedication to creating the most delicious herbal infusions.

Teas to lift you, to soothe you, and to refresh you – teas that help your senses come alive in a deliciously colourful world.

Enjoying a great herbal cuppa is one of life’s pleasures. Savouring that delicious array of tastes and smells and feeling that herbal goodness at work is all part of the experience.